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Real Estate Investing Streamlined For All Australians

CrowdfundUP launched in 2013 as Australia's first real estate crowdfunding with one mission: to simplify real estate investing by connecting Investors directly to premium Property Groups and investment opportunities across Australia. Completely online. We're changing the way people invest in property and the way property groups raise capital for projects.

Our members have the ability to invest preferred amounts across a range of opportunities to create an online property portfolio, while CrowdfundUP's experienced property partners receive exposure to a qualified investor market and access to capital for their projects. CrowdfundUP's comprehensive functionality, including project listing, investor qualification, offer and acceptance documentation and personalised investment dashboard, allows for the investment process to be completed comprehensively online.

With the simple click of a button, there's now the opportunity to browse and select property investments for any preferred investment budget from around the country. The financial property revolution has arrived, and you are invited!

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If you would like to read additional information about how our platform works,head over to our FAQ page here