This is an Invitation to apply for Units in the 2015 Diversified Property Trust (Trust), whose primary purpose is to purchase and hold the Property for the purpose of deriving rental income.

The invitation to invest is to Sophisticated and Professional Investors only.

Investment Highlights

The Property

The Trust will consist of:

Co-invest with the Lester Group

The Lester Group intends to maintain at least $1 million worth of Units per property held in the Trust.

The Trust and Property will be managed by Lester Property Investments Pty Ltd (Trustee), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lester Group.The Lester Group has a profitable history of industrial and commercial property investment and development.

This diversified property trust effectively reduces investment risk by having multiple properties and tenants that contribute to the returns of the investment rather than just relying on one particular property and one particular tenant.


20 Williamson Road, Ingleburn, New South Wales

This property was purchased by the Trust on the 24 December 2014 for $13,200,000.

Ingleburn is located 48kms south west of the Sydney CBD and the property is within 1km from the M5 motorway, 6kms from the M7 motorway and 1.3kms from the Ingleburn (commuter) train station. It has a frontage to and good access from Williamson Road, which is an important thoroughfare within the Ingleburn industrial area.

The property consists of:

The property is leased to Forgacs-Broens Pty Ltd (Broens).

Broens is a private company specialising in the design and manufacture of special purpose machines, automation, composite tooling equipment and precision components machining.They manufacture and offer quality accredited, highly complex and technologically advanced engineering products, and supply Australian and international manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, rail, marine, defence, mining and other sectors.

The title includes 5,500sqm of vacant, undeveloped land which is also leased to Broens.

159-163 Newton Road, Wetherill Park, New South Wales

Wetherill Park is the largest industrial precinct in Sydney’s West with excellent access to the M4 and M7 Motorways. It is 35kms due west of the Sydney CBD and 10kms due west of the Parramatta CBD.

The Property consists of:

The property is leased to Wellen Pty Ltd, a private company trading under the name of Austcor, who are a leading manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging.


The Trustee may propose to acquire additional properties into the Trust if it makes sense to do so.

The primary purpose is to derive rental income from the properties, notwithstanding the possibility of further development of their rent generation potential.

The Trustee will target properties with relatively high land value component of the purchase price and are expected to deliver an average cash return of at least 9% per annum and 10% internal rate of return per annum to Unitholders.

If additional properties are acquired into the Trust, further equity capital will be raised pursuant to this Memorandum or a subsequent and updated information memorandum.Existing Unitholders will be given priority to subscribe for additional Units, but there is no obligation to do so.

The Lester Group intends to maintain an investment of $1 million per property.

Additional debt is likely to be obtained for the purposes of settling additional properties.The level of debt will be dependent upon the additional property’s WALE and tenant profile but the overall LVR of the combined Properties of the Trust will be considered conservative.

For detailed information on this investment opportunity please proceed to the Crowdfundup 'Information Memorandum' panel of this project



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