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AYR Projects is an advisory and property development group providing a fully integrated property development service from concept to completion to Developers, Land Owners and Institutions. We specialise in Multi-density residential developments from group housing, apartments to mixed-use developments. Our team of professional experts have the knowledge and experience that can deliver a development solution that suits your needs.

Our dedicated team offers the highest level of service based on strong ethics and professionalism. AYR Projects’ in-house development team are responsible for all aspects of the property development process. Our step-by-step approach helps guide each client through initial feasibilities, research, site acquisition, development finance, master planning, architectural design, marketing, pre-sales and construction.

AYR Projects is a division of AYR International Pty Ltd which was started in 2003 by Ron Forlee an architect and author of three books on property development. AYR International specialises in larger commercial and infrastructure projects whilst AYR Project specialises in the residential sector.

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Jared Forlee

Jared , (B.Com, Grad.Cert.PorjMngnt) is a development and project manager with a strong background in property finance. Jared is responsible for busin...

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Ron Forlee

Over the past 37 years Ron has been in involved in a range of property developments which he has managed from concept through to completion. ...

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