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The staff at Twin Ocean Property are led by a performance focused team of industry specialists who pride themselves on their reputation for building strong relationships with industry partners and delivering highly successful projects. The Senior Management at Twin Ocean Property today, are still those same individuals who were responsible for the creation of Clough’s diverse and highly successful property portfolio.

Staff at Twin Ocean Property saw the opportunity to move forward into a new separate entity as a result of Clough Limited’s restructuring decision.

The team is small, but capable and motivated, and is determined to strive forward to continue the growth of the business that has been occurring over the last few years.

The tight group is 100% committed to taking on the exciting challenge to create a successful new business management entity which will provide property focused investors with a diverse range of exciting opportunities

Twin Ocean Property's strength lies in our ability to identify property suitable for development through both on and off market opportunities. The majority of our historic projects were identified and purchased through off market transactions. This gives us the advantage of providing our investors with unique development opportunities which might not otherwise be readily available to the general public.

Twin Ocean Property conducts a thorough due diligence process in relation to each specific project and a full feasibility analysis is undertaken by our acquisitions team. We then commence the negotiation process if a project meets our risk return targets.

Twin Ocean Property manages all aspects of the development process from undeveloped land, through to titled lots or completed built form construction. We undertake coordination of all necessary planning, design, construction, marketing and sales.

Twin Ocean Property acts on behalf of investors to source and undertake acquisitions of property development projects. Twin Ocean Property will identify and gain control of a suitable site and set up a company or trust to purchase the site.

Shares are then sold to investors through an Information Memorandum so they may share in the development profits. Twin Ocean Property manages the company or trust and on completion of the project the structure is wound up and any remaining capital and profits is distributed to the investors.

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Tim Jones

Tim Jones is a Director of Twin Ocean Property. Tim has over twenty five years experience in the property markets throughout Australia and overseas. H...

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