Griffin Projects Group


Company Overview

Griffin Projects Group and its partner Sphere Capital has the resources to provide companies in property-related industries with comprehensive, strategic financial solutions and advisory services. Specialising in corporate advisory, capital raising and project management, Griffin also offer a full range of complementary services to maximise efficiencies including:

  • General management support
  • Capital raising services
  • Wholesale AFSL licensing to issue product and raise capital
  • Wholesale and retail AFSL licensed representatives
  • Full retail financial services offering
  • Coordination of senior bank, mezz and private debt funding
  • Early stage project assessment and due diligence
  • Project management
  • Marketing and project strategy
  • Project and property sales
  • Licensed real estate representatives
  • Construction coordination and negotiation
  • Client relationship management
  • Administrative, contractual and secretarial support.

Active Projects

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Past Projects