Everything You Need to Know about Property Crowdfunding

Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding for Property Developments

Residential Developments with Real Estate Crowdfunding

Depending on economic growth and the state of the commercial property market, interest in residential developments can tend to fluctuate. We will explain why residential development with real estate c...

   Aug 03. 2018 CrowdfundUP

Construction Loan Finance via Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms

Construction loans via crowdfunding platforms are emerging as a new source of funding for major construction loans, including residential, apartment, commercial, hotel and renovation projects and also...

   Jun 21. 2018 CrowdfundUP

Investing in Land Developments and Property Crowdfunding

Investing in land projects could be a powerful strategy for your overall investment portfolio, a great way to diversify your investments, and a profitable way to generate passive income for years to c...

   Mar 15. 2018 CrowdfundUP

Smart city projects for urban development

What is a smart city?Smart city projects are investments with the aim of driving social transformation using new technology. Technology has the power to help people live in communities that are more r...

   Nov 28. 2017 CrowdfundUP