Everything You Need to Know about Property Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms and innovative tourism developments

Why you should use Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms in Australia

Should you invest ?In modern times, if you want to start a business or raise funds for a project, a preferred method of raising funds to avoid getting into debt is to crowdfund the funds to get starte...

   Sep 01. 2017 CrowdfundUP

Sharing Economy and Crowdfunding in Australia.

A sharing economy is an economic model in which individuals can borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. Popular sharing economy firms such as Uber and Airbnb have become commonplace around the wo...

   Aug 31. 2017 CrowdfundUP

Real Estate Crowdfunding: What is it?

A simple infographic to explain Real Estate Crowdfunding, the fastest growing category of the global crowdfunding industry....

   Oct 23. 2015 CrowdfundUP

Why Crowdfunding is great for young Investors

For young investors, while still in it's infancy, real estate crowdfunding really does have the ability to revolutionise the way people invest in real estate and how property groups fund capital for t...

   Sep 25. 2015 CrowdfundUP