Everything You Need to Know about Property Crowdfunding

How does Real Estate Crowdfunding work?

A simple infographic to explain how Real Estate Crowdfunding actually works for both an Investor and a Property Group....

   Oct 30. 2015 CrowdfundUP

Real Estate Crowdfunding: What is it?

A simple infographic to explain Real Estate Crowdfunding, the fastest growing category of the global crowdfunding industry....

   Oct 23. 2015 CrowdfundUP

Real Estate Crowdfunding and Commercial Property

For many Investors, one of the largest asset classes, the commercial property investment class, remains untapped and unknown. Prior to the emergence of real estate crowdfunding, commercial real estate...

   Jun 08. 2016 CrowdfundUP

Crowdfunding vs Private Lending

In the post GFC era even highly creditworthy borrowers with worthwhile project proposals continue to find raising funds from Banks difficult, intrusive and time consuming. Property developers and inve...

   Feb 11. 2016 CrowdfundUP