Everything You Need to Know about Property Crowdfunding

How to Build your Property Investment Portfolio

In order to be a successful property Investor, it is important to spend time developing an investment strategy and understanding that success involves a lot of hard work, the taking on of risk, and ti...

   Dec 07. 2016

Introduction to Investing for Capital Growth

What is Capital Growth and why is it an important consideration for your investment portfolio? On the CrowdfundUP Blog, we explain Capital Growth strategies and their advantages.What is Capital Growth...

   Nov 23. 2016 CrowdfundUP

What am I actually buying by crowdfunding an investment?

An equity investment offered on CrowdfundUP may take several forms (we're not covering debt investments in this blog). Let's look at these different types of investments in more detail.Types of invest...

   Oct 05. 2016 CrowdfundUP

Cashflow investing with Real Estate crowdfunding

CrowdfundUP offers investors a wide variety of projects to participate in. In this blog we look specifically at cashflow investing with Real Estate.So what is Cashflow investing?Broadly speaking, inve...

   Oct 05. 2016 CrowdfundUP