Everything You Need to Know about Property Crowdfunding

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Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding for Property Development

Crowdfunding for Property Development in AustraliaWe know that real estate crowdfunding for property development is still a relatively new concept in Australia, so we thought we would put together an ...

   Dec 20. 2017 CrowdfundUP

We've closed Australia's first crowdfunded property deal!

We are thrilled to announce that CrowdfundUP has successfully closed Australia's first crowdfunded property deal. Within a month of launching the platform, $500,000 was raised for the development of ...

   Oct 04. 2016 CrowdfundUP

Real Estate Crowdfunding: What is it?

A simple infographic to explain Real Estate Crowdfunding, the fastest growing category of the global crowdfunding industry....

   Oct 23. 2015 CrowdfundUP