Everything You Need to Know about Property Crowdfunding

Passive Income Investing and Real Estate

Why you should use Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms in Australia

In modern times, if you want to start a business or raise funds for a project, a preferred method of raising funds to avoid getting into debt is to crowdfund the funds to get started. Crowdfunding ha...

   Sep 01. 2017 CrowdfundUP

The Real Estate Capital Structure

Investment opportunities presented on the CrowdfundUp platform may be in the form of Debt or Equity. Some investment opportunities may be a combination of both. In this blog we explore why this is the...

   Oct 04. 2016 CrowdfundUP

Real Estate Crowdfunding: What is it?

A simple infographic to explain Real Estate Crowdfunding, the fastest growing category of the global crowdfunding industry....

   Oct 23. 2015 CrowdfundUP

Tech Innovations in Real Estate: What you need to know

Investing in Real Estate has long been one of the most lucrative ways to invest in Australia. Despite the real estate industry being a slow mover in the past, saturated with middlemen and regulatory s...

   Oct 08. 2015 CrowdfundUP