Everything You Need to Know about Property Crowdfunding

Smart Contracts and Real Estate Transactions

Blockchain and the Real Estate market

Blockchain real estate market could help with creating new business models, connecting potential buyers and sellers with greater efficiency and ease. This technology has the ability to serve the real ...

   May 01. 2018 CrowdfundUP

Investing in Land Developments and Property Crowdfunding

Investing in land could be a powerful strategy for your overall investment portfolio, a great way to diversify your investments, and a profitable way to generate passive income for years to come. Lan...

   Mar 15. 2018 CrowdfundUP

Why invest via a Real Estate Crowdfunding platform?

Real estate Crowdinvesting enables investors to access the property market while mitigating some of the inherent risks found in all investments. Individual investors pool their money, to reduce risk, ...

   Mar 07. 2018 CrowdfundUP

Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding for Investors  

Real estate InvestingReal estate crowdfunding platforms in Australia offer investment portions in large-scale commercial properties and huge residential developments along with traditional, single fam...

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