Everything You Need to Know about Property Crowdfunding

Bridge loans Through Real Estate Crowdfunding platform

Property Investment Opportunities in Perth with Crowdfunding

If you're looking to invest in property in Perth, there are a number of commercial development projects in prominent investor suburbs currently looking to take investments. CrowdfundUP has recently l...

   Sep 11. 2018 CrowdfundUP

Investment based crowdfunding sites in Australia

Investment based crowdfunding sites are the process of raising finance for projects from a collective number of people - the 'crowd' - often utilising an online-based crowdsourced platform through whi...

   Aug 06. 2018 CrowdfundUP

Residential Developments with Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms

Depending on economic growth and the state of the commercial property market, interest in residential developments can tend to fluctuate. We will explain why residential development with crowdfunding ...

   Aug 03. 2018 CrowdfundUP

How Blockchain is transforming traditional Asset Management

Blockchain technology has unparalleled potential to improve the efficiency and governance of asset management in real estate. Currently, a lot of processes involved in real estate transactions still r...

   Jul 11. 2018 CrowdfundUP