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CrowdfundUP launched in 2013 as Australia's first real estate crowdfunding platform. It's our mission to simplify property investment. Welcome to real estate crowdfunding.


CrowdfundUP offers a range of premium property investment opportunities to our Investors. If you are looking for your next investment, apply here to browse CrowdfundUP's live opportunities and see the projects we have recently funded.

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The Folkestone Maxim A-REITinvests in an actively managed and diversified portfolio of predominantly Australian listed real estate investment trusts (“A-REITs”) and real estate related securities.

Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Fund

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CrowdfundUP gives investors online access to premium property development and investment opportunities across Australia. With the simple click of a button, investors can browse and select opportunities for their preferred investment budget from around the country.

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CrowdfundUP’s investor base has registered investment capacity of over $250m for commercial real estate investments. Whether you're a property group looking for a commercial real estate loan, joint venture equity or preferred equity - we can help.

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CrowdfundUP partners with the highest quality property groups from across Australia, each with a proven track record and strong management team. If you are a Property Group and would like to join the CrowdfundUP platform, apply here.

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Return Comparison Chart

Real Estate has traditionally been Australia's preferable investment class. As an indication, direct investments in Australian property may return an average return of 10.7%. The below graph demonstrates this possible return against other possible returns for income generating investments, such as the ASX 200 and the official cash rate.




Total return in one year

Source 1 Source 2



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